Come Join us

If you are looking for a church to attend on any Sunday morning, feel free to come in and you will surely be greeted with a warm welcome.

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What can I expect on Sunday?

You can expect to be welcomed by a loving community that is free of judgement.  You can expect to hear us singing songs of praise to the Lord together.  We then listen to Pastor Paul who preaches from the word of the Lord.  After our time together, we share in community together over coffee and cookies.  There are no expectations from you within the church’s walls, we invite everyone to join us.  Come as you are, dressed as you like and we hope to see you this Sunday!

What does our Church Believe?

We are a church founded on Jesus Christ and we believe that there is one, and only one, God, who created, from nothing, all things visible and invisible.  We are the special creation of God, made in God’s own image.  We believe that humans are separated from God by sin and that salvation is offered freely to anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.


Read and/or listen to this, please. This is our experience and our heart as well (Pastor Paul and Karen), the pattern that we believe is right for families, for children, and for Bethel Baptist Church. PP

A long read, and primarily exhorting preachers to do the work of Biblical Theology and proper hermeneutics in order to clearly present the whole counsel of God, but worth the time of every believer because what Dr. Schreiner writes applies equally well to our reading of Scripture. Are you getting the whole picture? Pastor Paul