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Pastor’s Notes – July 2, 2017

We come this week to our final message in Paul’s letter “to the saints who are in Ephesus,” looking at Chapter 6, verses 18-24.  There are two sections to this passage, but they are interconnected, as is fitting for the closing thoughts in this powerful and important letter.  In verses 18-20, Paul concludes his exhortation to “Put on the whole… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – June 25, 2017

As Paul comes to the end of his letter “to the saints who are in Ephesus,” he shifts from his examples of “submitting to one another,” to a warning and an exhortation that pertains to all believers.  Most of Paul’s exhortations in Chapters 4-6 have been concerned with shedding our old sin-nature, our “old self,” and “putting on” our new… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – June 18th, 2017

This week we tackle the final example that Paul gives to illustrate his point that the Gospel transforms (should have transformed and should be transforming!) every aspect of our lives.  We come to Ephesians 6, verses 5-9, “Submitting to One Another … at Work.”  Every Christians should be asking daily, “How then should I live; how should my new life… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – May 7, 2017

We continue this week in the “application” portion of Paul’s letter to the churches in the region of Ephesus – Ephesians!  As we continue in Chapter 5, we should first note that Paul now applies what he has written in verses 1-21 to specific relationships.  What he wrote about being “imitators of God, as beloved children,” about “walk[ing] in love,… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – April 30, 2017

We return this week to Ephesians, continuing in the “so what” portion of Paul’s letter, where he turns from the theological foundation laid in Chapters 1-3 to the practical outworking in our lives of what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. Some weeks ago, we looked at Chapter 4, verses 17-32, where Paul tells us that we must… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – April 23, 2017

This week we celebrate seventy-five years together as Bethel Baptist Church! It is a wonderful, amazing and delightful thing, and we freely acknowledge that it is by God’s grace that we continue as a church – we pray, as a humble, grace-filled, faithful, Bible believing, Bible teaching, Bible preaching, Bible focused church in Centre Wellington. Our longevity, our continued existence… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – April 16, 2017

Last week, on Palm Sunday, we spent our time considering the question, “Why Did Jesus Have to Die?” from the perspective of various groups and individuals in Jerusalem that week. We looked at the “Pharisees’ Legalism,” the “Sanhedrin’s Materialism,” the “Crowd’s Hedonism,” “Pilate’s Cynicism,” and finally, the “Believers’ Pacifism.” This Easter Sunday, I want to ask the same question, “Why… Read more →

Pastor’s Notes – April 9, 2017

This week, this PALM SUNDAY, we are asking the question, “Why Did Jesus Have to Die?” and addressing it from the human perspective. That is, why did various groups of people, the Pharisees, the Sanhedrin, the Crowds, Pilate and Jesus’ Own Followers, either conclude that Jesus had to die or failed to intervene to stop it? Next Sunday, EASTER DAY,… Read more →