A Tuesday morning playgroup for Kids and Moms is held at Bethel Baptist Church each Tuesday morning.  It’s a time where Mothers of smaller kids can come together to share in discussion, encourage, uplift and support one another.  There is child care for Mothers attending the group so that they can spend time with other Mothers in the community.


Bethel Baptist is delighted to now be offering Biblical Counselling services.

One of our church members, after many years in the secular system and having become convinced of the sufficiency of the Bible, the Word of God, for all of life’s troubles, is well on her way to certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC).  Until that certification is received, the counselling will be supervised by a well-experienced, “fellow” of the ACBC.

Counselling is being offered, free of charge, at Bethel or at another location agreed with the counsellor.

Please contact Bethel Baptist Church to discuss.